The Lookout

Man of mystery

So here’s a fun fact: I’ve known Linwood Barclay since the very early ’90s, when we were both writing for the Toronto Star. He’s since gone off in a far more lucrative direction than journalism, becoming a best-selling mystery author and now screenwriter, having adapted his own novel Never Saw It Coming for director Gail Harvey last year. And with Never Saw It Coming newly available on iTunes, I had an excuse to book him for an episode of Someone Else’s Movie.

Couple of curiosity

And it’s a good one, because Linwood picked one of his favourite films: Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, the one with Jimmy Stewart in a wheelchair, Grace Kelly in a series of amazing dresses and Raymond Burr moving around ominously in the apartment across the courtyard. If you know the movie, you’re really going to enjoy listening to a mechanic of mystery plotting take it apart from the outside. We also talk about Jaws and Alien, as you do.

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