The Long Decade Closes

NOW’s great big End of the Decade package is out, and in it you will find me contributing several things to our list of 50 key events that defined Toronto. It was an honor to write about Jack Layton’s death, a little less of one to write about Rob Ford’s life.

I also ran down the best films of the decade, which I remind you is an entirely subjective list and you should like what you like and nothing matters anyhow because we’ll all be dead someday. But seriously, if you missed¬†The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby¬†you really ought to catch up to that.

Oh! And we built a list of the Best Toronto Movies of the Decade, too. People love lists. I guess I have to accept that.

Also, I forgot to post links to our December roundups for Netflix, Amazon and Crave, so here they are. Sorry!

One thought on “The Long Decade Closes”

  1. I obviously don’t see anywhere near as many movies as you do, but the ones on your list that I have seen are definitely solid choices. Okay, Paddington/Paddington 2 would make my main list, not honorable mention, but still.

    Rather than a ranking of quality, I’m curious what you’d consider your favorite guilty pleasure movie of the last decade. Mine would be Dredd, in which Karl Urban’s chin goes head-to-head against Lena Headey.

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