The Irrepressible

Time for another Friday bonus episode, as actor and producer Peter Sarsgaard — currently on your screens in Agnieszka Holland’s Mr. Jones and the Netflix anthology series Homemade — discusses his lifelong fascination with Giulietta Masina’s performance in Federico Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria. Your genial host Norm Wilner is honored to lead the parade.

We only had about half an hour, but this is one of the richest and most joyful conversations I’ve had on the podcast in months. Listen for yourself! Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play and Stitcher and get the episode immediately, or download it directly from the web.

And then listen to something else, maybe! Like the newest episode of NOW What, featuring me and Glenn talking about the Fringe going virtual with the festival’s executive director Lucy Eveleigh and playwright Nam Nguyen. That’s good too.

Oh, and also I reviewed the Hamilton movie, which dropped on Disney+ today. Might wanna check that out as well.

2 thoughts on “The Irrepressible”

  1. Even though I’ve been able to enjoy a number of stage productions for free on TV during this pandemic, it was more than worth subscribing to Disney Plus for a month to see Hamilton. Glad Disney went with showing a filmed stage production rather than movifying it. It’s every bit as impressive as your review says it is. Sorry you threw away your shot at seeing it on stage in New York.

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