The Hustle is Just The Beginning

It’s a fairly busy release week, with pickings that range from disappointing to dynamic. Would you like to know more?

The HustleDirty Rotten Scoundrels, but with ladies.

Ordinary Days: Three directors divvy up a mystery.

Non-Fiction: Assayas’ latest tackles progress, morality, etc.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu: In the Pokeverse, mystery chooses you! [Rad]

Poms: I preferred Finding Your Feet, honestly. [Glenn]

Samanthology: Canadian anthology drama, dumped into Carlton.

Shadow: Zhang Yimou gets back to business. [Rad]

Tolkien: Nicholas Hoult, father of the Hobbits. [Rad]

The White Crow: Fiennes’ Nureyev biopic sticks its landing.

Wine Country: Poehler and friends waste our time.

Also, Kevin watched the third and final season of Easy and loved it. So that’s good.

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