The Holidays Are Focked

Ben Stiller can make all the Greenbergs he wants, but he'll always end up back here.Come on, media! No one’s paying attention this week, you might as well amuse yourselves with a couple of outlandish puns built around the title of the holiday weekend’s box-office champ.

Oh, you know it — Universal’s “Little Fockers” proved just as much of a moneymaker as the two previous films in the “Meet the Parents” cycle, grossing $34 million between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day — with a five-day total of $48.3 million — to top the charts.

But as the AP points out, the real story is the fact that “True Grit” was very close behind it, with $25.6 million for the weekend and $36.8 million for the five-day span. It’s the biggest opening the Coens have ever enjoyed — which is either testament to the old-fashioned appeal of the Western, or proof that Jeff Bridges, after four decades in the business, can finally open a movie.

Either way, I’m good with that.