The Hills Are … Well, You Know

People don’t believe me when I tell them I enjoy being surprised by art. But I do — it makes the job a lot more interesting, for one thing — and on this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie, I am confronted with the reality that a certain Best Picture winner at which the world has been snickering for more than half a century is … pretty decent, really.

The movie is The Sound of Music, and its advocate is Georgina Reilly of The L.A. Complex, that one episode of Blindspot and Bruce McDonald’s Pontypool and This Movie Is Broken, and most famously Murdoch Mysteries, where she plays Dr. Emily Grace. (She also gives a terrific performance opposite her real-life husband Mark O’Brien in Goalie, which hits iTunes Canada on Friday.)

So we talked about Robert Wise, and Julie Andrews, and Christopher Plummer, and how bizarre it is that the Von Trapp’s story could be turned into an inspiring musical with the war so fresh in everyone’s minds. We also talked about a lot of other stuff, including our shared love for Blindspot and my bewilderment at contemporary WWII productions like Where Hands Touch and The Aftermath … anyway, just listen to the episode, hopefully you’ll enjoy the conversation it as much as I did.

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