The Glory of Imports

Also available in standard-def, but why bother?Well, that took no time at all.

I missed Mamoru Oshii’s “The Sky Crawlers” when it played at TIFF last fall, and there’s still no sign of a theatrical release.

Being eager to see what the mind behind the elegant, game-changing anime “Ghost in the Shell” (and its enjoyable enough sequel, “Innocence”) has come up with next, that’s kind of frustrating.

But wait! “The Sky Crawlers” has just been released on video in Hong Kong, where the Blu-ray region is the same as North America! And the BD has English subtitles! And it’s really quite cheap!

I mean, sure, it’d be great to see this in a theater. But that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, and a 1080p presentation with lossless DTS-HD audio really is the next best thing.

So, yay for globalism! And yay for alternate-history anime dogfight movies, apparently.

3 thoughts on “The Glory of Imports”

  1. Hey Norm,

    Speaking of cheap hi-def deals. I was in a Giant Tiger today north of Toronto and their bargain used DVD rack had a boat load of HD DVDs all selling for $6.88. Some were the dual format ones with DVD on the other side of the platter. I picked up Children of Men and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. If you’re curious to fill up you library with cheap 1080p it doesn’t get better than this price…


  2. Yeah, someone’s dumped a few pallets of HD DVD stock on the bargain-store circuit … even “Slither”, which never made it here because TVA owns the domestic rights, are turning up in the bins at Loblaws, of all places.

    I’m keeping an eye out for “The Bourne Supremacy”, “Erin Brockovich” and “The Sting”, but no luck yet …

  3. I saw a crapload of hd-dvds at my local GTA Zellers. Nothang sang to me.

    I was hoping to bag ‘Dune’ for posterity (I’m still a standard-def dinosaur and a sucker for dead formats…I cherish my DIVX copy of ‘Waterboy’, and use it as an educational tool for the uninformed on the dangers of group thinking).

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