The Essential Question of Our Age

Look, there's no point debating virology now, just grab the record collectionI found this piece on Kotaku last week, but never got around to talking about it: A perceptive fellow named Brian Crecente has noticed the slow shift in zombie mythology from supernatural to technical means, and decided to work it through and see what it all means.

It’s called “Infection vs. Resurrection: The New Science of the Zombie“, and it’s a very good read. You should check it out.

Also, this is neither a dream nor a hoax nor an imaginary story: Joss Whedon is directing the “Avengers” movie. I’m intrigued, if only to hear Whedon’s dialogue coming out of Robert Downey Jr.’s mouth.

One thought on “The Essential Question of Our Age”

  1. More impressive will be to see whether they can manage to get all of the actors in for the one film. The one guy holding out is Norton, apparently.

    If they followed the Ultimate Avengers storyline, they’d likely all be out fighting a rampaging Hulk, so that could work without him.

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