The Belgian Surprise

M. Van Damme was not expecting so much attentionHey, remember that other forgotten ’80s star who had a comeback last year? Yeah, the guy in the picture. His movie’s on DVD now, too, and the subject of my latest Sympatico/MSN DVD column.

I have to say, I’m really tempted to pick up that new Blu-ray edition of “Street Fighter” now. I just wish Universal would make it a little easier to pick up 16:9 transfers of “Timecop” and “Sudden Death” — the only way to get those is to buy them in separate DVD four-packs, which means you’ll end up with at least one copy of “The Quest” no matter what you do.

Sure, you get “Hard Target”, but you probably already have that one …

2 thoughts on “The Belgian Surprise”

  1. Universal released TimeCop on HD DVD. You still have a player, don’t you?

    I’m pretty sure the only DVD edition is pan & scan.

  2. That’s the appeal of those multi-packs — the versions of “Timecop” and “Sudden Death” inside use new 16:9 masters — which, even if not high-def, will still look a lot better than my laserdiscs.

    To be honest, the one I most want to watch again is “Sudden Death”, which I remember as Van Damme’s “Under Siege” — a step above his usual fare, and a better-than-average action picture in general. “Timecop” was pretty silly.

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