Tales from the Inside

Ryan Reynolds refers to this as 'crowning'I’m taking things a little easy this morning, since I spent last night helping a couple of good friends celebrate their marriage. (Way to go, Adam and Tanya!)

But I can still post my latest MSN Movies Gallery, which uses the arrival of “Buried” to look at ten other intensely claustrophobic movies. Can you get through it without breaking into a cold sweat, or will you crumple by the halfway mark?

If you’d prefer something a little less constricting, you could always watch this Global National piece on “The Social Network”, in which I appear just long enough to remind viewers that one should never, ever do a TV hit without makeup.

One thought on “Tales from the Inside”

  1. Great list. I haven’t seen Below (your submarine choice), so I’m going to add my favorite claustrophobic scene from Das Boot…the one where they have gone so deep to avoid the depth charges exploding around them that the rivets start popping. I’m not particularly claustrophobic, but that scene gets to me.

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