A Few Million People Like This

Wow, it takes way longer to make money with movies than it does with websitesDavid Fincher’s “The Social Network” drew enough of an audience to conquer the box office this weekend, though its $23.1 million gross is still kind of modest. That said, it’s a stronger opening than Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” sequel managed last week, so yay.

Notably not strong was the horror genre; both Paramount’s long-delayed “Case 39” and Overture’s spanking-new “Let Me In” failed to register, landing seventh and eighth with around $5.3 million apiece. I can’t speak to “Case 39”, but “Let Me In” absolutely deserves better; maybe after you see the Facebook movie, you might consider catching up to the vampire movie, just to give it the edge for next week.

2 thoughts on “A Few Million People Like This”

  1. I had a feeling that Let Me In would do poorly. The trailers have been pushing it as a schlocky horror flick in the vein of those churned out by Michael Bay’s crappy remake factory. The audiences who went in expecting that have not been happy to get an actual intelligent, nuanced film instead. It’s CinemaScore rating is a paltry C+.

    Between that, and those fans of the original boycotting a remake on principle without having seen it, the movie didn’t stand much of a chance. It will probably be gone from theaters in 2 weeks.

  2. There was no way to win, was there? Maybe it’ll get the same second life on DVD that hopefully awaits “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” … you know, in a just and perfect universe.

    Damn marketing campaigns, screwing things up for everybody …

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