Mastering rock-paper-scissors is a lot harder than it looksThe Giants won the Super Bowl! (And took longer than expected! So that Very Special Episode of “House” didn’t start on time! And we gave up and went to bed! I hope you’re happy, Cadillac ad buyers!)

Miley Cyrus’ 3D concert film — which wasn’t screened for the press because it’s not a movie, but a limited-engagement musical event — turns out to be a movie after all; after its smash opening weekend, Disney decides to let it play out until it exhausts its box-office potential.

And “Strange Wilderness” turns out to be a fun little diversion, with lots of talented comedians running around being silly; it’s not great art or anything, but it’s certainly better than the slapdash marketing would have you believe.

The Eye“, on the other hand, is just another Asian horror remake — and since it’s starting out from a position of weakness, the original being a more or less naked ripoff of “The Sixth Sense”, it can’t really win.

How was your weekend?