Summer: It’s Good for You!

We must think of something illegal, and then consider doing it… well, assuming you stay out of the sun and avoid red meat, anyway.

But if you’re going in that direction, I humbly suggest you pass the time with Cinematheque’s salute to the French New Wave: It nourishes the soul, and you’re sure to pick up some style tips while you’re at it.

Oh, and in the spirit of the season, here’s this month’s contribution to NOW’s Hot Summer Guide. And yes, I’m still holding out hope for “I Love You, Beth Cooper”, even if it is directed by Chris Columbus. The book is so good and so simple; how can he screw that up?

Don’t tell me. Just let me believe.

2 thoughts on “Summer: It’s Good for You!”

  1. If you’re in the mood to educate someone…what’s the deal with Breathless? This was one of those respected classic movies I made a point of watching that left me wondering what the big deal was. (Others include Rebel Without a Cause and The Deer Hunter.) What am I missing? Is it like the Hemingway I had to read in school? I could tell you why he was influential, but I don’t enjoy him.

  2. Any chance that they’ll screen ‘Weekend’? If you want an example of what was both brilliant and downright horrible about the new wave, it’s a perfect case study.

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