Alternative Realities

Get that camera out of my face, you mug, I'm trying to rob a bankFirst and foremost: Happy Canada Day, everybody! Maple leaf forever! Be like Joshua Jackson in “One Week” and drink a Steam Whistle today, wherever in the country you may be; apparently, it’s available everywhere.

Anyway. Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies” opens virtually unchallenged today as this year’s big Fourth of July action picture — its only competition for the holiday weekend is the “Ice Age” threequel, and that’s pitched to a very different audience.

Publication schedules being what they are (damn you, Wednesdays!), my NOW review won’t run until tomorrow, so I’ll just say this: In some parallel universe, where Mann’s fetishes and obsessions led him to unlock the secrets of a new digital cinema, this is being hailed as a masterpiece.

The thing is, we don’t live in that universe. And neither does Michael Mann. But he sure thinks he does.

UPDATE: Here’s the review!

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  1. I wouldn’t exactly call a movie up against Transformers 2’s second weekend “unchallanged”.

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