Suck It, Twihards

Mmm, sammichSo, CTV News Channel had me on yesterday to talk about “New Moon”, and somehow I ended up talking about what the sparkly abstinence vampires and the shirtless werewolf lads actually mean in terms of sexual politics and metaphors and stuff, and how Stephenie Meyer doesn’t really have the first idea about horror iconography … or indeed, a grasp on anything she’s talking about.

I’m, um, going to spend the rest of the weekend in hiding.

4 thoughts on “Suck It, Twihards”

  1. But those of us who expect our vampires to BURST INTO FLAMES when they encounter sunlight sincerely thank you for publicly taking one for the team.

  2. Should have watched the clip first – also very well done on bringing up the creepy sexual politics angle! I hope your nieces will be exposed to all the kick-butt openly sexual female characters in the Whedonverse when they’re the right age.

  3. No, the vampires don’t burst into flames… but my suddenly stilled heart did once Bella had that motorcycle accident and Jacob had to find the right article of clothing with which to mop up the blood!

    Then, I inexplicably burst out laughing and couldn’t stop for about three hours.

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