Studios Will Throw Money at Anything These Days

I know, right? It's so weird I have an Oscar and you guys don't!My latest MSN DVD column examines the twin failures of “The Green Hornet” and “The Dilemma”, which opened in theatres on the same day in January, came to disc on the same day in May, and are no better now than they were the first time around.

You’ve been warned. Twice, in fact.

One thought on “Studios Will Throw Money at Anything These Days”

  1. When Channing Tatum is the best part of ANY movie, it is our responsibility to future generations to gather up every existing print, video master, or digital copy and immediately incinerate them all.

    Also, Norm, Robin Williams isn’t sad in What Dreams May Come because he’s dead and his wife is still alive. He’s sad because he’s in heaven and she goes to hell for committing suicide. I fully acknowledge that it’s a dopey movie, but let’s not turn into Roger Ebert and start mixing up plot details willy nilly now. 🙂

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