Keeping It Realish

YOUR CORPORATION HEREThe new issue of NOW finds us still very much in festival mode. I’ve got an interview with Morgan Spurlock, whose “POM Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” begins its commercial run tomorrow fresh from opening Hot Docs, and I’ve also contributed a few more reviews to our coverage of that still-ongoing fest. (You’ll find yet more online at NOW’s Hot Docs minisite.)

But Hot Docs overlaps with the Toronto Jewish Film Festival this year, so we’re on that, too. My contributions include reviews of “Red Shirley“, “Songs of the Lodz Ghetto” and “Chasing Madoff” — all of which are documentaries, because it never ends.

I’m just so tired. So very, very tired.

2 thoughts on “Keeping It Realish”

  1. I haven’t made it out to any HotDocs movies this year because my knees can’t take lining up for movies anymore (as I posted on Facebook…HOORAY! I’m getting knee replacemdents. Oh shit! I’m getting knee replacements), but I’m glad to see that 2 of the movies that made my short list got good reviews (Susan liked The Battle for Barking and you liked Hot Coffee). It looks like nobody reviewed Jig, but c’mon…Irish dancing, spray tans, and cutthroat competition? How could it not be good.

    Any prediction on whether these might be big enough releases to make it to DVD/BluRay at some point? These don’t have names like Spurlock to sell them. Or Pom. But these were the ones that caught my attention.

  2. “Hot Coffee” has HBO behind it, so I expect that’ll turn up on cable or disc before too long. Not sure about the other two, but their websites should have a list of future theatrical and television dates. A strong web presence is practically a requirement for new docs these days …

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