Stories We Tell, Causes We Support

Just a couple of things happening today. First, the Planet in Focus festival opens its 2012 edition with “Lost Rivers”, which I reviewed in this week’s NOW. It is a good movie, and you should see it.

But you know what’s a better movie? Sarah Polley’s “Stories We Tell”, which has a benefit screening for the Mount Sinai Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Perinatal Parents Association tonight at 6 pm at the Varsity — followed by a Q&A with Polley herself which will be conducted by yours truly. Tickets are $25 and still available; I can think of no better way to see this film, really. And I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s great.

And on a far less important (but still entirely worthy) note, the people behind the delightful Thrilling Adventure Hour live show and podcast have launched a Kickstarter for a nifty graphic-novel project. If you’ve followed any of my previous TAH linkage, you’re probably as big a fan as I am and are already rushing to pledge a few bucks; if you’re not, well, I’ve wasted my life. Thanks a lot.

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