Still in Orbit

2013gravity-Press_240713Holy crap, Gravitys still number one, earning a more-than-healthy $30 million to stay atop the box-office charts for a third straight weekend. Alfonso Cuaron’s brilliant tale of space survival has made $170 million domestically overall, looks to have a decent chance of crossing the $200 million barrier.

I can’t think of a movie more deserving of success, especially since its competition is fairly dire; Captain Phillips, which took second place with $17.3 million, isn’t exactly great, and Carrie, charging up behind it with $17 million, flat-out sucks. (Bill Condon’s The Fifth Estate opened with just $1.7 million; Entertainment Weekly says that’s the worst opening of the year for a wide release. Ouch.)

I mean, it’d be nice to see 12 Years a Slave or A Touch of Sin do that kind of business, but neither of those films will ever be in a position to make Gravity money. And it’s not likely that they would, not having superstars or IMAX 3D to draw in the curious.

But then I don’t think I’d want to see Chiwetel Ejiofor endure endless suffering in IMAX 3D. That’d be a little too real.

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