“Spaced”, Not Spacey

It all started hereWell, here’s that DVD column I promised you yesterday, running down all the truly wonderful titles that hit the shelves this week.

New Criterion reissues of “High and Low” and “Vampyr”, a three-disc definitive collection of Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson’s “Spaced” from BBC Video, and Facets’ long-awaited four-disc set of Bela Tarr’s “Satantango” … really, the cumulative awesomeness is immeasurable.

Plus, the only notable new movie release was “21”, and … well, come on.

2 thoughts on ““Spaced”, Not Spacey”

  1. Spaced on BBC Video? but it was a channel 4 show. I don’t understand. Does that mean I need to buy this one too. I already have 3 Spaced DVDS.

  2. BBC got the North American rights, but it’s essentially the same package as VCI’s super-magic-lucky R2 PAL set; the only real difference is the addition of extra commentary tracks featuring the special celebrity guests. Totally your call as to whether that merits an upgrade.

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