The Downside of the Press Day

Aloysius was feeling shy that morningMatthew Goode and Hayley Atwell came through town last week on a promotional tour for their new version of “Brideshead Revisited”. I sat down with both actors, though my NOW coverage ended up focusing exclusively on Goode.

(Atwell co-stars in “The Duchess”, which is a TIFF gala, so I’m sure we’ll find a place for that interview somewhere down the line.)

Anyway, once you’ve read my Goode Q&A, pop over to Eye’s website and take a look at Adam’s “Brideshead” interview. He was interviewing Atwell in another room while I was talking to Goode, and we swapped after 20 minutes, but it certainly seems like the actors had hit something of a groove by our point in the schedule …