Something Something “Hunger” Thanksgiving Joke

empire-cover-jennifer-lawrence-katniss-everdeen-hunger-games-mockingjay-part-oneWhile a large chunk of America went batshit insane on Black Friday and another large chunk took to the streets to protest the Ferguson grand jury decision, a slightly different chunk went to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One again, keeping Jennifer Lawrence and her Panem pals atop the charts for a second week with an estimated $56.9 million.

Mockingjay the First held off competition from this week’s new arrivals, The Penguins of Madagascar (which opened in second place with $25.8 million) and Horrible Bosses 2 (which wheezed into fifth with $15.7 million).

Of the films  already in release, Big Hero 6 took third with $18.7 million, and Interstellar was fourth with $15.8 million — which was actually a modest bump over last weekend, when it made $15.1 million. So that’s sort of nice.

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  1. I saw Mockingjay this weekend and was pleased to see an increased role for Effie Trinket/Elizabeth Banks compared to what I remember from the book. Banks is so much fun in this role.

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