Holiday Weekend

SteveCarellFoxcatcherIt’s Friday! And live from Manhattan, here’s your expected review roundup, because I do care. I really do.

(Also there aren’t that many movies opening and I can write this post in advance.)

Foxcatcher: Bennett Miller’s bleak true-crime drama is impeccably acted and beautifully photographed. It’s also consumed by its own self-importance and artifice, but you can’t have everything.

Getting to the Nutcracker: In the grand tradition of leaping into Christmas material while the last of the pumpkin pie is still in the fridge, here’s a documentary about the preparation of a Los Angeles production of the beloved holiday ballet. Glenn approves.

Heartbeat: Rad hated Andrea Dorfman’s romantic dramedy at TIFF so, so much; Susan is a little less hard on it, but even so. Yeesh.

The Last Impresario: London theatrical producer Michael White is so charming that he managed to convince filmmaker Gracie Otto he deserved his own documentary. Nice work, that.

Women Who Flirt: China Lion’s latest import stars Zhou Xun as a young woman who decides to pursue a former classmate, but can’t figure out how to put herself out there. It’s a comedy, I think. Rad is, as they say, not amused.

And that’s it! Enjoy your leftovers, American readers! Everybody else, have a turkey sandwich in sympathy.

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