So That Happened

An Oscar would be nice, but I still want that steakThe Oscar nominations are out, and I’m rushing to write an of-the-moment piece for Sympatico/MSN; until then, here are my immediate impressions: It was a big surprise to see Saiorse Ronan be the only actor nominated for “Atonement”, and it was lovely that Sarah Polley scored a screenwriting nomination for “Away from Her”.

Now the whole thing really boils down to a horse race between “No Country for Old Men” and “There Will Be Blood” … unless the Academy voters scurry to the safety of “Michael Clayton”.

I mean, Best Picture? Really?

Oh, and in other movie news, Variety is reporting that Hasbro Toys will be releasing a $100 replica of the “Cloverfield” monster … but not until September 30th.

“The 14-inch figure is being aimed at the collectible crowd and will include sound, two interchangeable heads (one each for the monster’s “calm or agitated” moods), 10 parasites and the head of the Statue of Liberty.”

I kinda want one, if only so I can get a clear look at the thing …

UPDATE: Here’s Hasbro’s product page. Note the lack of an image, or even a name for the thing. I still like “Grumpy”. Says it all, really.

2 thoughts on “So That Happened”

  1. $100 for the toy…hmmm. I like that it comes with the SoL head – thats almost too strange though.

    Pretty surprising they would release it so late…is anybody going to want it in September? For $100? Since its over foot tall and battery operated, perhaps we can look forward to it being cool. I think for a name I wold go with “Howard”.

    Great movie though. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Well, given the prices I’m seeing for the large-scale stuff down at the Silver Snail, $100 doesn’t sound too outrageous if they’re targeting collectors.

    And yes, you’re right: “Howard” would be a terrific name.

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