Let the Cranking Commence!

Why, yes, I do look a little downOkay, here’s my Sympatico/MSN Oscar commentary; having had a little more time to think about it, I’m also very disappointed that “Starting Out in the Evening” was completely shut out, since it’s exactly the kind of finely crafted drama that could have used the profile-boost of a nomination, even if it didn’t ultimately win.

Oh, and as long as I’m putting up links, here’s my latest DVD column, which also strives to help out an overlooked movie that could use a little attention right about now.

Carry on.

14 thoughts on “Let the Cranking Commence!”

  1. One quick note: The Matador was not Richard Shepard’s first film. It can be argued, however, that it was his first film of any real significance.

  2. Any info on whether “Starting Out in the Evening” will expand into any other theaters? Or do I have to make the choice of trekking downtown or waiting for DVD? I’ve been a fan of Frank Langella since “Dracula”…I was young…he was gorgeous… Now I appreciate his acting and the presence he brings to his roles.

    By the way, thanks for not immediately starting to discuss “Cloverfield”. I’ve sort of been reading your blog through my fingers to avoid any info until today…going to see it this afternoon.

  3. @ Chris: Given the absence of an Oscar bump, it’s looking like “Starting Out in the Evening” won’t be doing much expanding; at this point, I’d be surprised to see it last more than a couple of weeks before moving to the repertory circuit.

    I hate to advise anyone to wait for a good movie to come to DVD, but this is one of those movies that won’t lose much in the transition to a smaller screen, so there’s that, at least.

  4. This comment contains semi-spoilers for Cloverfield.

    OK…saw Cloverfield. Loved it. Read your earlier blogs about it now. I thought of Miracle Mile while watching it too… but also 84 Charlie Mopic, which I think was an earlier POV movie than Blair Witch. Given that those two movies were what I was thinking of, I didn’t get too attached to the emotional arcs in this story knowing how those movies ended. Besides, the dog in I Am Legend was more than enough of an emotional experience for me. (Demelza the cat – 1988 – 2007) Also like your comparison to The Host, which I rewatched this week in preparation to see Cloverfield. The concept of “manning up” was discussed in relation to running towards disaster to rescue a loved one. I thought Hud’s comments about recording what was happening were another form of manning up…one which gave the rationale for how this was filmed. Don’t really think the movie transcended the genre…but some scenes got under my skin. Subway tunnels anyone? Loved the balance between what you saw and what you didn’t see. Also, the fact that most people start to bicker under stress made for some funny dialoge.

  5. Sorry Norm, didn’t see your reply to my earlier comment since I was busy writing the above comment. Thanks, appreciate the info and opinion.

  6. I know I probably seem a bit scatterbrained posting 3 comments in a row, but I also meant to mention something else that occurred to me while watching Cloverfield. Just as Ginger Rogers was said to have done everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels…did anyone else sit there thinking that the actresses in Cloverfield had to do the same stuff the actors did, only barefoot or in high heels…the perils of being an actress in an action movie.

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