Short, Sweet

If you follow my Twitter feed, you know I’m in New York at the moment — and you know what a difficult time I had getting here. (And if you don’t follow my Twitter feed, well, why don’t you? It’s way weirder than this blog.)

Anyway, here’s the summary: A trip that should have taken two hours took the better part of eight, and now I’m way behind on a whole bunch of stuff. So this week’s review roundup will be very, very concise. As in, six words or less.

“Bellflower”: Apocalypse soon. Dude’s ready for it. [Glenn]

“Breakaway”: Hey, at least it isn’t “Score”. [Rad]

“Dream House”: Daniel Craig, crazy? Dunno, not screened.

50/50“: Seth Rogen makes cancer kinda funny.

The Last Circus“: Crazed clown rivalry. Doesn’t work, though.

Machine Gun Preacher“: Gerard Butler kicks ass for God.

“A Matter of Taste”: Paul Leibrandt restaurant doc. Bring snacks. [Susan]

Poetry“: Gentle, transcendent drama, the Korean way.

Restless“: You, like, into death? Me too!

Sleep Furiously“: Gentle, transcendent documentary, the Welsh way.

“We Were Here”: The AIDS outbreak in San Francisco. [Glenn]

What’s Your Number?“: Anna Faris saves the rom-com.

… you know, that was sort of fun. This could become a regular thing.

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