Further to that Festival …

The latest issue of NOW is on the stands, and it’s another TIFF flashbackapalooza, with me interviewing Gerard Butler about “Machine Gun Preacher” and Bryce Dallas Howard about “Restless”, which she produced. (I did not much care for either of their films, but that never came up.)

Fun fact: Gerard Butler loves “Dear Frankie” as much as I do. That’s really all you need to know right there.

Oh, and I also sat down for the second time this year with Butler’s “Machine Gun Preacher” co-star Michelle Monaghan, who’s quickly becoming one of my favorite people. In our last meeting, she was so enthusiastic about her first project as a producer — an adaptation of Duane Swierczynski’s “The Blonde” — that I ended up breaking one of my own rules and reading the book even though I know there’s a movie being made out of it.

It’s a pretty fun book. You might want to read it too.

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