Shaken, Stirred, and So Forth

I looked at that giant-ass BOND 50 box for this week’s MSN DVD column. Which should really be relaunched as the MSN Blu-ray column, shouldn’t it? Because that’s the only format worth talking about any more …

Oh, and you’ll notice I don’t really offer much commentary on the films themselves. That was a conscious choice; I’ve written about them so many times that the idea of doing another thumbsucker on Which Bond Iz Your Favrit makes me feel all cold and shaky, and anyway it made more sense to do a nuts-and-bolts breakdown of the package.

That said, if you’re still craving a consideration of the Bond legacy, do check out thisĀ epic blog post I wrote back in 2006, just after “Casino Royale” made it all worth talking about again.

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