Sensitive Areas

This is actually an audition for 'The Girl with the LASIK Tattoo'The new issue of NOW is out, and in it you’ll find me discussing “Final Destination 5” with the lively Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who’s had audiences squirming for months in the movie’s surprisingly intense trailer. She’s also a regular on “The Bold and the Beautiful”, but we did not talk about her character — or anything having to do with the show, actually, as I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Elsewhere in the issue, I talk around “Red State” with writer-director Kevin Smith, who’s bringing the film to the Toronto Underground Cinema on Monday night — but wouldn’t screen it for media beforehand, putting me in the very odd position of having to interview a filmmaker about a film I hadn’t seen. Space was tight, so that discussion is (sort of) dealt with in the audio clips. Check ’em out.

2 thoughts on “Sensitive Areas”

  1. For someone who has “taken control of his own publicity and marketing,” Smith sure sounds disinterested in doing either.

  2. I still respect Kevin Smith for keeping to his guns when criticized, yet realizing the hollow truth that is Hollywood. I encourage everyone to listen to any of his numerous podcasts, he is twice as funny and entertaining as anyone in Tinseltown.

    Good interview, Norm, I’d love to hear the complete phone call someday…

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