Lost in Time

I think we're all Magic Negroes on this busHi, everybody! I’m not entirely sure why the blog disappeared yesterday, or why it came back thinking it was June 24th, 2011. I’m just a simple cave man; your world is strange and frightening to me.

(Seriously, though, does anyone know the ins and outs of WordPress? Apparently I need to update my build, at the very least.)

Anyway, it would appear that the lost pages aren’t lost forever; they’re floating around on the server somewhere, and once my DNS information propagates itself around the net, they should magically reappear. At least, that’s the theory, because I have no frickin’ idea where to find them if they don’t.

In the meantime, “The Help” opens today, and unfortunately it’s exactly the sort of syrupy feel-good movie about institutionalized racism that the trailer promises. Viola Davis, Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain give their characters a little more weight than director Tate Taylor’s screenplay perhaps intended, revealing how one-dimensional the rest of his movie really is.

I’m told the book is quite good, though.