Sayonara, Chuck

Hey, watch the paws, buddyThe AP is reporting that Charlton Heston has died, age 84, in Beverly Hills.

Damn dirty age. And he was just making a comeback.

It’s funny how these things go; the marketing of “I Am Legend” gave Warner the excuse to re-release “The Omega Man” last year, and just weeks ago, the Weinsteins finally let “El Cid” out of their vault in the first of their super-special Samuel Bronston boxed sets.

All last week, “Planet of the Apes” was running in a special revival at the Ziegfeld in New York — and, apparently coincidentally, part of a really weird B-story on “The Big Bang Theory”.

I have nothing deep to say here; just pointing out the way the culture had been reclaiming Heston of late. I hope someone told him about it. He’d have made a face and said something derogatory about hippies, but that was just his way.

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  1. Well, “How I Met Your Mother” ran long the first couple of weeks this season, so I got into the habit of PVRing the following show so as not to miss the last minute or two … and I’ve always liked Johnny Galecki … and then …

    … yeah, I watch “The Big Bang Theory”.

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