Run, Dylan Moran, Run

This man will save your movie. You should pay him lots of money.… away from supporting turns in lame movies, and towards stardom that beckons to you.

Moran is the secret weapon of the otherwise disappointing “Run Fatboy Run” — every one of his scenes with Simon Pegg sparks the movie to vivid life. The rest of the film is a fairly dull sitcom, an awkward fusion of Pegg’s and director David Schwimmer’s comic sensibilities. But whenever Moran turns up, your heart leaps with joy. So there’s that.

Also opening this week:

“Stop-Loss”: Kimberley Peirce finally delivers her follow-up to “Boys Don’t Cry”, about American soldiers dealing with the unsettling policy of forced contract extensions. Adam finds elements both good and bad; Susan is a little more enthusiastic.

21“: Kevin Spacey overgloating! Laurence Fishburne overglowering! And they have fifteen seconds of screen time together! Why do we need to follow the hot, bland kids through the typical Vegas fantasy of card-counting and corruption, when we could be having a Verbal Kint and Morpheus face-off? Shit, just give them a Scrabble board and roll tape!

“The Year My Parents Went on Vacation”: I’ve managed to miss every opportunity to see Cao Hamburger’s internationally acclaimed drama — not out of disrespect or anything, I’ve just always had something scheduled against it. Rick and Dierdre like it a lot, while Adam has some reservations.

Oh, and “Superhero Movie” was hustled into release without a press screening. I can’t imagine why.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Dylan’s since his days at The Comedy Cellar in Dublin in the early 90’s. Guess that means I’ll have to go see this otherwise mediocre flick. Sounds like it will be worth it!

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