Role Players

maxresdefaultIt’s been nearly six years since I last spoke to Adam Scott — and in that time he joined Parks and Recreation and completely altered the course of his career by playing an utterly unambiguous, pure character (and playing it perfectly).

Before that, Scott was the go-to guy for unreadable, morally cloudy characters. He goofs around with that in Torque, and a self-aware version appears in Step Brothers, and he works a similar vibe in Passenger Side. And he returns to it in The Overnight, a thorny couples comedy that opens tomorrow. We discuss it in this week’s NOW.

This week’s paper also includes my TIFF interview with Mia Hansen-Love about her new film Eden, and a look at TIFF’s latest Summer in Italy series.

Also, among the online stuff, Glenn and I collaborated on an obit for James Horner and I wrote this silly Summer Cage Match thing. You go with what the day gives you.

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