Bad Friday

urlA couple of really, really terrible studio pictures are landing in theatres today, and at least one of them is probably going to open very well. So go see The Overnight instead, or Inside Out, or maybe you can still catch Fury Road somewhere? Thanks, you’re the best.

Eden: In an epic, decades-spanning drama, Mia Hansen-Love re-creates the rise of electronic dance music through the eyes of a character (Felix de Givry) modeled on her own brother Sven.  I don’t know whether it ultimately holds together, but it’s always interesting.

Glass Chin: Corey Stoll and Billy Crudup give great performances in Noah Buschel’s slick pulp drama, which doesn’t quite deliver on its own promise. That said, if you’re a fan of either actor by all means check it out.

The Great Museum: Susan is rather enamoured of Johannes Holzhausen’s direct-cinema tour through Vienna’s Kunsthistorische Museum, and I can see why — for process nerds and art admirers, it’s the closest thing to going there in person.

Max: All-American entertainment is rarely as cynical as Boaz Yakin’s reactionary boy-and-his-military-working-dog movie, of which Warner really oughta be ashamed. (Really, Max is the sort of movie where endangered kids are shown to have a working cell phone, and then refuse to use it to call for help. So, yeah, screw it.)

The Overnight: Patrick Brice’s couples comedy is a symphony of awkwardness and empathy, and all four of the leads — Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrech — are excellent. You should check it out.

7 Minutes: Jay Martin’s low-rent heist thriller operates on a sliding moral scale that grows more annoying as it plays out, and the scrambled chronology isn’t as clever as it thinks it is. Also, not enough Jason Ritter, but I say that about everything.

Ted 2: Seth MacFarlane’s latest is just so freakin’ bad, you guys. So, so bad. Like, worse than the time I had to deliver that crate of gefilte fish to Hitler!

There, you’re set. And honestly, if all you take away from this week’s roundup is “Don’t see Ted 2,” you’re going fine.

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