Retreat! Retreat!

Like I said yesterday, most distributors are shying away from opening anything against “The Amazing Spider-Man” this weekend, meaning today is one of the quietest days of the year on the new-release front. But there’s always the lure of counterprogramming, so:

“Katy Perry: Part of Me”: Too young to be into superheroes or kissing? Come see a 3D concert movie featuring that transgressive-yet-safe performer your parents like too! Glenn was unimpressed.

“Savages”: Looking for something edgier than the latest chapter in a mammoth corporate ¬†franchise? Oliver Stone wants to show you something¬†real, man — but bear in mind, Oliver Stone’s understanding of reality is awfully flexible.¬†Susan‘s review is more positive than most I’ve seen.

“To Rome with Love”: Old? Are you old and confused by all the computer effects they throw at the young people nowadays? HERE IS ANOTHER PRETTY TRAVELOGUE BY THAT DIRECTOR YOU STILL INEXPLICABLY LIKE. Susan, who is not an old person, enjoyed bits of it.

And that’s it! Except for those architecture docs at the Bloor, which run today through Sunday, and that lovely digital restoration of “Jaws”, which has been extended for a second week at the Lightbox because … well, because it’s “Jaws”.

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