3 thoughts on “Requiem for a Footnote”

  1. “The whole thing is just terribly sad” and “If you really want to honour Haim’s memory, watch Lucas again” gives you a good case against the “Let someone else with a little compassion for the subject” accusation. Nobody needs to say anything more.

  2. Good piece. Death is never funny, but at the same time it’s fair to point out Darwinism when it occurs. Also agree on the whole 24 hour news cycle example. Little House on the Prairie’s Merlin Olsen died of cancer last month. Is anyone lamenting his lack of a comeback? No. Such is life, some fans are just a little too obsessed.

  3. Fess Parker died today. I didn’t realize he was that old. Funny how forgotten figures fix themselves in your memory and your now.

    I was going to write a column myself about Corey Haim and the whole situation, but I think I’ll let that ship sail. What immediately irritated me about the whole thing came through on Facebook: Tons of people posting “RIP Corey Haim. So sad.” as their status lines – yet these are the exact same people who took giddy delight in watching him publicly embarrass himself as the biggest celebrity-fade trainwreck this side of Jeff Conaway.

    That hypocrisy and disingenuous mourning is, to me, the most sad part of this whole thing.

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