Projected, Dissected and Eerily Reflected

Karen-GillanApril’s film-festival flooding continues with Images and TIFF Kids, and I’m on top of both of them in this week’s NOW — even while I’m also wading through a whole bunch of Hot Docs stuff. (Did the cover interviews yesterday, so technically I’m ahead of schedule. So there.)

I must admit, though, of all the things in this week’s paper — including Warner’s long-awaited restoration of William Friedkin’s Sorcerer — I was most excited to talk to Karen Gillan about her role in Oculus. Not only is she an all-around terrific person and a fun, engaging performer who’s logged time on The Thrilling Adventure Hour and the very clever Adult Swim show NTSF: SD: SUV, but she’s the first person I’ve interviewed who’s worn one of Kate’s designs — specifically, the Bigger on the Inside TARDIS scarf, as seen here.

I also did a web Q&A with Oculus director Mike Flanagan, who was just as happy to nerd out over Gillan as I was. So there you go.

And finally, Mistaken for Strangers opens at the Bloor today. It’s a really good documentary about The National, and one that’s even more interesting when you realize it started out as something that wasn’t. The band will be in attendance to kick off the commercial run tonight, if that’s an incentive.

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