Life in the Expanded Universe

Cap and WidowSurprising no one except possibly the forces of HYDRA, Captain America: The Winter Soldier did spectacular business over the weekend, enjoying a domestic opening of $96.2 million — which, combined with its robust overseas performance, brings its worldwide gross to $371 million in just ten days. There’s a possibility of Avengers money here.

So, having piled hit upon hit upon hit, Phase II of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a rousing success, and the Russo brothers — previously best known as “those comedy guys who directed the Community pilot” —  are its latest benefactors. Good for them; they do fine work. Here’s hoping things go as well for James Gunn and Edgar Wright.

Noah and Divergent dropped down to second and third place with $17 million and $13 million, respectively; Darren Aronofsky’s brawny Biblical epic has now pulled $70 million in North America, and Shailene Woodley’s young-adult franchise launcher has topped $114 million. So nobody’s hurting too badly.

In fourth place was the Christian-targeted God’s Not Dead, which is apparently opening in Canada this week because we’ve been bad. Pretty sure I’ll get someone else to review that one.

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