Pixel Power

Jeepers, guys! Look at all that loot!Well, that was inevitable: “Toy Story 3” shot to the top of the charts with a $109 million opening weekend, the best-ever opening for a Pixar movie and one of the biggest debuts for an animated feature.

Last week’s top title, “The Karate Kid”, took second with $29 million, while “Jonah Hex”, the week’s only other major debut, came eighth with a feeble $5.09 million.

After all the wonderful things they’ve delivered, I can’t begrudge Pixar the success on “Toy Story 3”; I just wish this one had been a little stronger, and a little more original. As I tried to articulate in my NOW review, it’s not a bad movie, or anything; it’s just somewhat hollow and unnecessary — a contractual obligation, where the previous sequel was an organic and essential continuation of the story. I’m not enthusiastic about the upcoming sequels to “Cars” and “Monsters, Inc.”, either.

Oh, yeah. They’re happening.