One for the Little Guys

Mr. Snipes is all out of bubble gumThe average moviegoer has probably never read an issue of “Jonah Hex”, let alone even heard of the character. But that didn’t stop Warner from bringing DC Comics’ weird Western hero to the big screen, hoping to hit that sweet spot of fanboy support and popular success.

We won’t know how badly it tanks until the box-office results come in tomorrow, but putting it up against “Toy Story 3” is a pretty clear sign that the studio isn’t expecting much from it any more.

Now, I found “Jonah Hex” perversely fascinating, myself; I spent the whole picture trying to suss out what the movie must have been like before someone tried to “fix” it in post-production, but I can’t imagine that’ll be a draw for too many people.

Anyway, my larger point is: Sometimes a second- or third-tier comic-book character can hit huge on the big screen despite being virtually unknown to the moviegoing public. I expand on this in my latest MSN Movies gallery, which looks at eight other marginal properties that preceded the good mister Hex to Hollywoodland.

One word, man: “Blade”. Mother-lovin’ “Blade”.

3 thoughts on “One for the Little Guys”

  1. I thought about those — and “Kick-Ass”, “Barb Wire” and “The Mask”, too — but ultimately decided to stick with DC and Marvel characters.

    Also, I’m thinking the Turtles are nowhere near as marginal or obscure as Jonah Hex; name one person under the age of 45 that hasn’t heard of them.

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