Picking Up the Pieces

Et maintenant, le chestbursterMarion Cotillard for Best Actress? Has the Academy lost its collective hive-mind? Were there really that many senile members who enjoyed watching the scary lady sing the pretty music?

Seriously, this is a terrible miscarriage of honor, especially given the strength of the other nominees. And now Cotillard — whom, I must point out every time I attack her performance in “La Vie en Rose”, is a marvelous performer whom I will watch in literally anything — is in danger of becoming the next Juliette Binoche.

Le sigh.

Meanwhile, the death of HD DVD offers early adopters some wicked deals: EzyDVD, in Australia, just launched a fire sale of its HD stock with prices as low as $4.92 AUD. (That’s about $4.50 CDN.) Since the format has no region coding, that means you can pick up such red-team rarities as “Leaving Las Vegas” and “The Holiday” for a song.

The catch is that the titles won’t be available to ship until March 28th. And by that point, you might be even less inclined to buy a new HD DVD title than you are right now …

3 thoughts on “Picking Up the Pieces”

  1. You’ve mentioned a few times that Cotillard has been good in other movies…any recommendations? I’ve only seen her in La Vie En Rose so that’s my only impression of her. (Julie Christie should have won.)

    Just a thought after reading your Oscar blog…I know you hated Atonement, but those typewriter keys made the score the only memorable one of the four nominated ones I saw, and not in the negative way you seemed to mean.

  2. I first noticed Cotillard in Luc Besson’s “Taxi” films — she plays Samy Nacieri’s increasingly irritated girlfriend, and has a marvelous time with the character in the first two pictures. She gets shoved aside in the third one; I’m not even sure she’s in the fourth. She was also very good in a terrible, manipulative French movie called “Love Me If You Dare”. Far better than the material, really.

    On this side of the Atlantic, she’s probably best known for her role as the Angel of Death in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s “A Very Long Engagement” … and then, unfortunately, as Billy Crudup’s pregnant girlfriend in “Big Fish” and Russell Crowe’s love interest in “A Good Year”, which seem to be exactly the kind of roles she can look forward to in Hollywood now that she’s the flavor of the minute.

    She is soooo much better than that.

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