One Year!

The frosting is made of people!Well, happy blogoversary to me.

It’s been a year since I launched — a pretty miserable year, all things considered, but with some bright spots as well. If you were here at the start, thanks for sticking with me through all the drama; it’s appreciated.

And if you’re one of the fifty or so “unique visitors” who’ve only discovered this in the new year, well … hi! Hope you’re enjoying the posts, too.

I am not sure what the etiquette is for something like this, but props are due to the inestimable Michael O’Connor Clarke for his guidance in getting this whole thing up and online, and for his grace in announcing my new gig with Sympatico/MSN back in February.

Heading out to CTV’s rural studio to shoot that Newsnet hit; again, if you’re near a TV around 1 pmish and want to see me bloviate about the state of them blockbusters, that’s where I’ll be.

3 thoughts on “One Year!”

  1. Hipy Papy Blog-bithuthday 🙂

    Congratulations on making it through a year of career shifts, dental nightmares, and femfty bazillion truly appalling movies (plus a few good ones).

    Long may Wilnervision reign.

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