Reading the Bones

Someone was paid to design thisThe timbers, they do shiver:”Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” — which, due to a whole bunch of intervening circumstances, I still haven’t managed to see — grossed an estimated $126.5 million over the weekend. (Technically, that weekend is still in progress, since it’s Memorial Day in the US.)

Not a bad take for a movie that runs two and three-quarter hours and therefore can’t be screened as often as, say, “Shrek the Third”. Disney made up for that by booking the picture into 4,362 theaters, the widest release yet attempted.

And yet, some outlets are spinning it downward; David Germain of the Associated Press frames the movie’s failure to beat “Spider-Man 3” as a disappointment. Never mind that “Spider-Man 3” is half an hour shorter and was the year’s most rabidly anticipated film, which virtually guaranteed it would have a monster opening weekend.

But hey, whatever. I’m sure Disney’s pretty happy with a $332 million worldwide gross over three days.

Johnny Depp gets a piece of that, right?