29 thoughts on “One More Time …”

  1. Just to tout Starting Out in the Evening a little more…either Gene Siskel or Roger Ebert had commented about the movie Passion Fish that the secondary and tertiary characters were developed, had lives. This is the same kind of movie. Frank Langella is amazing portraying both the great man/intellectual and the indignities of old age, and the relationship between he and Lauren Ambrose’s grad student was more effective for being more subtle than Peter O’Toole in Venus. But the movie doesn’t stop with these two characters. His daughter, played by Lili Taylor, has a life beyond her interaction with him. The daughter’s boyfriend has a life.
    Emphatically, watch this movie.

    (Thank you, Norm, for answering my query about this movie’s chances of making it out to the burbs…I did go see it downtown and it was one of the most grown-up and intelligent movies I’ve seen in a long time.)

    And, of course, Cloverfield if you want to see stuff get smashed up and eaten. That’s good too.

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