A Slow News Day

A nation turns its bleary eyes to youBoy, I’m out of it.

We’re behind on “Battlestar Galactica” and “The Office”, the Pope’s visit ended without the visible damnation of George W. Bush and the box-office triumph of “The Forbidden Kingdom” over the weekend doesn’t inspire any reaction in me besides “yeah, people like it when other people kick each other in the face”.

Oh, and Britney Spears will be returning to “How I Met Your Mother”, a casting coup with which I am entirely fine if it gets the show renewed for another season. I am also pretty sure Sarah Chalke is either The Mother, or The Mother’s best friend, so there.

This is cool, though: According to the Associated Press, Eddie Izzard is mulling a career in politics. That could be awesome. Izzard’s arrival on the scene would return spiraling rhetoric and antic madness to the Houses of Parliament — like an Ealing comedy, but with the fate of Europe at stake.

Also, should he attain a Cabinet posting, he would be referred to as “Minister Izzard”, giving the writers of “Doctor Who” endless fodder for alien conspiracy episodes.

Personally, I like my politicians like I like my coffee …

… covered in beeeeeeeeeeeees!!!

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  1. When I discover that my favorite movie reviewer can also quote Eddie Izzard’s stand-up, I begin to see that the universe truly does make sense.

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