On the Road

You know how things go: You invite someone to do a podcast, they say yes immediately and even tell you which movie they want to talk about, and then it takes nearly seven years to schedule the damn thing. But when it happens, it’s so worth it.

That’s how Tim Rozon came to be on Someone Else’s Movie this week, years after we met at a New York event for Wynonna Earp and he told me seeing Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho was a defining event in his life. I promised I’d save it for him, and I did —  and it was worth the wait.

Wanna listen? Of course you do: Subscribe to the podcast at Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcher or wherever and get it instantly, or download it directly from the web. And then you should subscribe to Shiny Things, assuming you haven’t already done so, for my thoughts on the return of the Kids in the Hall as well as reviews of new 4K releases of The Batman, RoboCop and An American Werewolf in London. There’ll be another edition this weekend, so get caught up before it starts to feel daunting.

Oh, and you can hear me talk to the Kids themselves — well, Scott, Kevin and Bruce — on the latest episode of NOW What, which is my final contribution to that publication. We recorded this last summer, after they wrapped production on their comeback season;  I think you’ll enjoy listening to it. I certainly did.

Also! If you’re planning to see Terence Davies’ splendid new film Benediction at the Lightbox this weekend, stick around after the end credits for a pre-recorded conversation between Davies and yours truly. He’s a lovely man, even with all the self-loathing, but it turns out that was essential to telling this story.

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