Locked Up With One Another

I’ve been sitting on this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie until everyone’s had enough time to see Hello (Again), and after two full months I figure we’re good. (You’ve watched it, right?)

That’s because director Melanie Chung and I discuss the plot and ending of her charming CBC Gem series in depth at the end of the episode … which was no big deal to us, since we spoiled the ending of her chosen film, Denis Villeneuve’s all-star 2013 thriller Prisoners, just six or seven minutes into the conversation. I mean, the movie opened nine years ago.

I was middling on Prisoners back in the day, but coming back to it after almost a decade was an interesting experience. Not only is it absolutely the 9/11 allegory I thought it was, but it’s a template for Villeneuve’s brooding, emotional approach to the epic projects that would follow this first studio effort. It’s a little more rattled, but that suits the subject matter. Also, the cast acts the hell out of it, hinting at conflicts and motivations seething beneath facades of courtesy and decency. It’s all fuel for a really passionate conversation about drama and storytelling, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

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