Oh, Look. Still Busy …

… so it’s six-word review roundup time again!

Chimpanzee“: Nature doc takes liberties, still works.

Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope“: Morgan Spurlock avoids mocking nerds, mostly.

Damsels in Distress“: Whit Stillman is back! Everybody sambola!

I’m Yours“: Road trip to North Bay! Whee.

“The Lucky One”: Nicholas Sparks strikes again. (Death, kissing.)

“People of a Feather”: Hudson Bay’s¬†Sanikiluaq,¬†then and now. [Susan]

Sound it Out“: Record shop documentary. A little dull.

“Think Like a Man”: Steve Harvey wrote a relationship book?

“West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson”: Who was Tom Thomson, really? Ummm … [Glenn]

I’ll add links to the reviews as they go up. You know, if you really think there’s a chance that “The Lucky One” will turn out to be good.

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