Of Lows and Highs

Online stuff time!

In this week’s NOW screening spotlight, Peter Kuplowsky tells me all about the What The Film Festival, which kicks off its fifth edition on Friday at The Royal with its most ambitious premiere to date: American indie filmmaker Patrick Wang’s four-hour opus A Bread Factory, Parts 1 & 2. It’s great, and you should see it; for a sense of the sort of movies Wang makes, take a look at our 2012 interview.

And over in my Superhero Nonsense! column, I look at the pitiful efforts by a small cadre of immature dickheads to taint the release of Captain Marvel because it’s about a lady, and ladies are apparently scary. Anyway, fuck ’em. They’re garbage.

Also! Our Netflix March recommendations are up, and I wrote like half a dozen of them. Can you tell which ones? (The photo above is a pretty big hint.)

UPDATE: We also have March recommendations for Crave! And Amazon! Jeez!

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