A Part Of Our Heritage

If you thought Jeremy Larter’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie on Goin’ Down the Road flirted with obscurity, brace yourself for this one …

This week, writer and director Adriana Maggs, of Grown Up Movie Star and the very good new sports bio Goalie, digs into Mark and Andy Jones’ virtually vanished 1986 comedy The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood, an almost handmade film cobbled together over nearly a decade with their pals from the CODCO theatre troupe. It’s about a Newfoundland bureaucrat who escapes into elaborate fantasies to distract himself from the fact that he’s either a powerless functionary or a semi-witting pawn in a slow-motion coup d’etat — or coup de province, anyway.

Imagine Seven Days in May or Three Days of the Condor with a Walter Mitty type in the lead, and now imagine that being made with no money whatsoever and an antic, scrappy spirit. Or you know what, just watch it: To prevent Faustus Bidgood from simply disappearing into the void, someone’s uploaded it to YouTube, and I strongly suggest you watch it before you listen to the episode.

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